Custom Residential Design

There are different factors can impact the look and feel of a project. In custom residential design, the driving factors are typically narrowed down to the budget and timeline. Although those two items will have an important impact on the outcome, we truly believe that the homeowner’s lifestyle should always be placed in front of anything else.

Site design should always encompass the day-to-day needs of the homeowner, ensuring that the home is a perfect fit to the expected use based on the lifestyle that it was designed for.

"In order to be faithfully rendered, an architectural style needs to be fully understood in terms of the building elements and details that contribute to the authenticity of that style. These include—but are not limited to—building mass, roof form, proportion, façade symmetry and details, window proportion and design, building materials and ornamentation. The designation of an architectural style requires total commitment to that style in the design of all components of the residence. Even in the case in which an architect develops a unique style or a composite of established styles, a consistent application of the rules and logic for the building design should be clearly and invariably evident." Town of Hillsborough.


Attention to detail and lifestyle focus is not dependent on the size of the budget allocated for the project or the overall scope of the project. Carrying this principle through the design and construction phases will make a difference to the final product built, your “dream home”.

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